Thursday, July 30, 2009

Car Rides

I went for two car rides today.

The last one was fun but the first one was not so fun cause I had to wait in the car while He and She was in the big store and I doesn't likes waiting in the car by mine own self so I barks a lot.

They didn't think they was going to be too long but it turned into a big frustrating trip that took a lot longer than it should have. But they didn't just leaves me out there. They keeps coming back with stuff to puts in the car and then they talks to me and pets me and lets me out to pee if I wants.

But the nother trip was funner.


  1. So when do we hear about the funner trip? Enquiring minds want to know.

    And tell She to check out when she gets a chance as it is about a YA book. Thanks.

  2. She says She will go there if She EVER manages to get Her homeworks done.

    I doesn't know what homeworks is but it makes her cranky.

    For the funner trip it was just He and me and we goes to lots of places and He leaves me in the car but only for a few minutes at each place and I gets to see lots of peoples I know and likes.

  3. Scrooge, this trip just makes me think about the old saying "chicken and feathers". Life is like that. Sometimes you get the chicken, in this case, that's a fun trip. Other times, you get the feathers. That's the less fun trip. But even a feather trip is better than staying home alone, isn't it?

    We only have one dog who likes to go riding in the car. I sometimes think this dog would be an excellent dog for a truck driver because all she ever wants to do is go for rides in the car.

    Scrooge, you be good and give her some peace so She can get that paper done. Then she will be in a really good mood unless.....