Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today they leaved me home all alone and I was shaking and so skerred but they was only gone a little while and then I heared a van only it wasn't mine van and it wasn't He and She. It was the lady and Lady and they comed to get me!

I went to their house with them and I stays all day until He and She come back and they picks me up again and I was happy.

I had a good day at Lady's house except one time there was a noise and it startles me and I tries to get right up on Diane's sewing table to be with her. She doesn't sews clothes like Her mom does. Diane sews stuffs for big boats and big buses.

I likes to go stay with Lady and Diane. It is much better than being home all alone. And she feeds me good foods too. I says.

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  1. Well, Scrooge, it sounds much funnerer than being home alone!