Sunday, July 26, 2009

Still Noisy

Mine house is still very noisy and there is lots of messes. Today He and Tamara teared down a wall. I doesn't know why. But they did.

And there was a pic-a-ture on the couch and I jumped on the couch and the pic-a-ture falled off the couch and it broked but I didn't means to!


I sure hopes things calms down around here soon.


  1. why are they tearing down the wall? Thought you all were in the process of moving?

    My house is quiet, if you need a place to chill a day or two. lol

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  2. Nope. She says we is not moving, just buying a house in the nother place so I can go with He and She when they goes there for Her school stuff. We is still keeping this house too. And a man is coming to look at this house and gives us money so it all has to be finished fixing and cleaned up so they will gives us more monies for the nother new house.

    She says He will stop making so much noises tomorrow when the man with the monies comes.

  3. Hello, Scrooge. Thought I'd stop by to see how you are doing. Has the noise and thunders stopped yet? I think you could stand a vacation. Bet you like your second home. You take care, Scrooge. I was just thinking about you. Your friend, Lynn