Sunday, July 26, 2009

I is a Shadow

She is working at her desk and I is cowering under it cuz there is banging and noise in my house and THUNDERS outside my house.

I is not a happy dog today.

When She gets up to go get teas in her cup or go to the bath room I goes too even though I doesn't likes the bath room much. I is, usually, askerred of the bath room. I doesn't know why.

But today is a good day to stay right besides Her all the time even then when She goes places I doesn't like to go.


  1. i always go to the bathroom. Thats where i got my head and bum closed in the door.

  2. Scrooge, You are having a hard time. Not to worry. The noise and thunder will stop soon and then you will have a much more comfortable place to watch He and She do what they do, and maybe He and She will be a lot quieter too, and give you liver bites and rub your ears and tell you what a good dog you are. I am hoping.

  3. Scrooge, I am surprised you don't like the bathroom. In our house, all the furry animals love the bathroom. Sometimes it looks like a convention center between the toilet and the bath tub. The bathroom is where He who lives here likes to sit and read and rub my ears. Your friend and sister in fur, Zina

  4. When I was little the door to the bathroom was in a different place and Ma used to sometimes traps me behind the door and I getting to be afraid to go near it.

    She didn't means to but she couldn't helps it.

    I miss Ma. I never had to stays home alone when she was here because there was always someone here with her. Those ladies don't comes no more now.

    Too bad; some of them was nice ladies.