Friday, July 24, 2009


Today I getted to eat some elk. Elk is good foods.

I doesn't know what elks look like but they sure is yummy.

Oh, and Tamara came to help make noises.

And there was firethunders outside and I didn't like those. Lady and the lady came to visit and She and us sat outside but then there was firethunders and I whined and cried cuz I wanted to go in the house but in the house He and Tamara was making lots of noises and messes in the food room.

It was a busy and confusing day. But I eated elk and it was yummy.


  1. Elk sounds very delicious! Once, I tried some freeze-dried buffalo liver. It made me bomit, so I will not eat it any more.

  2. I remembers that.

    I sicks if I gets too much porks or hambones. He and She doesn't give me none.

    But sometimes I sicks anyway.

  3. Hi Scrooge, You are a real man of the world eating elk. I've never had elk myself. And it is good that you liked it since you ate it. Your friend, Lynn.