Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scrooge is bored

Well, not now - but all day I was bored. They went away today and leaved me home all alone all day long.

I was beginning to think they were going to be late to feeds me but then they came home and feeded me.

No walk today cuz they was gone all day and when they got home She doesn't feel good. I hope She feels better tomorrow so we can go for another walk and I can try to figure out the mystery of the cheeses.


  1. Sometimes, when you have a real boring day and nobuddy is home to play with, it's best to just sleep. All day long!

  2. Hello, Scrooge. I do hope she is better today and you get your walk. I also hope you get your cheese. Now tell me, what do you think of the garden? How is it coming along? Lynn A.