Monday, May 4, 2009

Scrooge helps plant trees

Yesterday, He wanted to plant trees.

He bringed lots of trees home in the van. I wanted to go in the van and go for a rides, but He would not takes me. I waited in the van but He is not so good at doing what I wants.

So we planted his trees instead.

He digged lots of holes. And then he putted trees in the holes.

He is making a fence with the trees. That is good. Then we won't sees the noisy little dustbunny-dog that lives next door so much.

That dustbunny-dog doesn't like Scrooge. And Scrooge doesn't likes him neither. The dust-bunny dog's lady is not nice to Scrooge, too.

More fence is a very good idea.

His friend Rob came to help watch Him plant trees. He bringed his girl with him.

I likes his girl. She petted me and she helped me watch to make sure He did a good tree-fence.


  1. More trees is always a good idea! Especially if you have less-than-nice neighbors.

  2. they cutted down a lot of trees across our streets and they is going to build houses in there someday so He wants more trees to help blocks the dust and noise.

    I likes having the tree-fence between me and the bad dustbunny-dog. Sometimes he runned over in MY YARD and attacks me and his lady yells at me and Her. Even when HE is running loose and I am on my leash.

  3. Scrooge, you have nuisance neighbors. It's a pity, but it happens. We have a set next door to us, and there are times I'd love to bite them. But don't, they might give me rabies or some nasty disease.

    Trees are a good thing and I hope they help block the view of the Nuisances.

    Your friend, Lynn