Monday, May 4, 2009

The Mystery of the Cheeses - Clue

I tooked Her for another long walk today and I think I am figuring out the mystery of the cheeses!

Today I was getting LOTS of cheese - and all I had to do was walk nice, even when peoples with wheels went by me or when there is other dogs.

The most importantest clue was the two little dustbunnies we saw. When we walked by them the first time, I tried to go sniffs them and talk to them and I pulled Her arm with the leash and she didn't give me ANY cheese.

But when we came back and passed them again I didn't pull or bark and I gots cheese!

So then after that I walked almost all the way home and I was careful not to bark or pull and I sitted when She said sit and I got lots of cheeses. When we passed buddy's house he barked at me and I forgetted and I got no cheeses again. *sad Scrooge*

But then we walked right past the bad dust-bunny dog and he barked and barked and tried to jump at me and he was SO rude and I just keeped walking and She gave me lots of cheese and she tells me I am a very good boy, too!

I am a clever, clever dog and I am learning fast even though I am old and they says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.


  1. Ah, it seems you have made a breakthrough in the mystery of the cheeses! Very good, Scrooge!

  2. Scrooge, I am so happy to see you are learning the secrets of the cheese. Seems fairly easy to work with. And I am also tickled that I saw the spot below to click on to read new posts. I feel like I might be able to keep up with you a little bit now, and to me, that is a very happy thought.

    Hope you have a great walk today, and don't forget to tell me how the garden is going. I see you watched over the tree planting. He needed you for moral support and guidance.

    Lynn A.