Friday, May 1, 2009

Sometimes She gives me cheese, sometimes She don't

I gots a mystery.

Maybe I needs some secret spy stuffs like Harley gots. Maybe then I could figure this mystery out!

Today when we goes for our walk, She bringed cheese. It used to be her cheeses (but She shared) but now She is on a diet and She don't eat salt and now She don't like Her cheeses any more. She says it is too salty. Scrooge doesn't think so! I likes her cheeses.

That is not the mystery.

The mystery is that sometimes She gives me cheese; sometimes She don't ...and I don't gets why. We seed lots of other dogs and sometimes when we sees another dog I get a piece of cheese. But nother times we seed dogs and no cheese.

And sometimes people with wheels on their feet go by us on the trail but I only gets cheese sometimes.

I likes cheese. I need to figure out how to gets more - maybe Harley should helps me!


  1. Scrooge, I love cheeses, too! We should all get some cheeses every single day!

    Harley says you can use any of his spykit stuff to help you get to the bottom of this mystery. He recommends using the magnifying plastic and the tweezers for this case!

  2. poor should come live with me...i'd give him cheese winslow would just LOVE that...not

  3. I learned not to headbutt kitties when I stayed with Lady & the Lady ... the Lady's kitties doesn't like me to headbutt them.

    That Harley is very nice to share his spystuffs with me. I would definitely not headbutt Harley.

  4. winslow is terrified of dogs...if there's a dog on tv barking he just tenses right's kinda funny actually...he's turning into a big suck though...can't even have a shower without him having to be there...he will literally sit right outside the shower door the entire

    when you guys had scrooge with you the time you came here, he hid in my room while scrooge was downstairs with me

  5. We follow our biped around the kitchen when she cooks. Very messy cook. Much cheese drops.

    Misty the alpha Poodle

  6. She used to drop better foods before Her diet started.

    Now if She drops something it is probably a carrot or a little red icky thing that I doesn't know what it is called but it is yucky.

    Today she feeded me brussel sprouts. I only eated them cuz she throwed them to me. Before I figured out what they was I had already eated them.

  7. We hope you can figure out how to get more cheese...cheese is good...that's what we thinks! We hope you don't get any more brussel sprouts...those aren't good...cheese is good...we don't know about chinchillas though....

    Thanks for visiting us too!

  8. Give that poor dog some cheese! He needs it for his bones. Scrooge, perhaps a care package is in order. You wouldn't eat all the cheese at one time would you? I bet you would if given the opportunity. Your friend, Lynn A.

  9. I give him cheese when he gets it right... he's just got to figure out what right is

  10. I hope Scrooge gets more cheese. It seems important to him. Now I want to know what he thinks of athe garden. Is this Scrooge's last entry, or do I need to try to maneuver in here somehow? Lynn