Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Will Blog for Chinchillas

That's a good bumper sticker, eh?

I likes it. Steph the rocket scientist - she's Her friend but I don't know what she smells like either - she was asking for bumper sticker & t-shirt phrases for peoples (but I think she meant for Scrooges too) so I was thinking and thinking about what mine should say even though I gots no bumpers and no t-shirts and I thinked of some but then She was dropping on blogs and we seed the really cool dog that can READ BOOKS!!

You should go see the dog that reads books - that is a very smart dog. Anyway, that dog picture says will blog for squirrels.

I doesn't need no squirrels cuz we gots too many of them dumb things. They likes to be on my deck and on my porch and they steals the birds foods and they makes a mess and when I goes outside to play with them they runs away.

But I likes chinchillas.

So I think my bumper sticker should say

Will blog for Chinchillas!

Scrooge is a clever dog, eh?

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