Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poor, poor Scrooge

Today they both went out at the same time and leaved me here all alone.

And the sky is getting dark and I was starting to think there might be thunders.

But She came back and there still haven't been any thunders yet.

She came home with lots of new stuff but none of it was for Scrooges.

But at least She gave me the rest of my pancakes when she came home. I likes my pancakes. Mine are specialler than His pancakes cuz mine get cookered in the big pan where the bacon got cookered. So my pancakes taste like bacon.

But they are all gone now. Poor Scrooge!


  1. Hi Scrooge! I am glad there were no thunders. I am scairt of thunders and usually hide under the bed. But I would like me a chinchilla, too!

  2. I would likes to hide under the bed but I is too big so I tries to hides under Her or Him instead.

    But if they is not home I is just a mess. They should not go out when there might be thunders.