Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going Visiting

Today we walked and walked. We walked so far I think that there is no way we is going to walk all that way home again.

We walked in some new parts that I never smelled before and I wanted to stop and sniff all over the place but She just kept walking and walking.

We walked to Wendy's house and I stayed outside cuz she has cats and they doesn't like dogs. Even Scrooge dogs! Dumb cats! I am a good dog. Ask the lady.

Anyway, I stayed outside and mostly Wendy and Her stayed outside with me but sometimes they went in and LEAVED ME OUTSIDE ALL BY MYSELF.

Dumb cats!

I was mostly good though and didn't bark too much except when He came and He didn't come out to see me and He didn't feed me even though it was time for my foods.

I had to wait and then we didn't have to walk home again, we went for a car ride. And then he feeded me.

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