Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scrooge gots bones

Today it was cold and wet most of the day long so mostly I just sleeped in the bed. But then She putted her shoes on so I got awake and I took Her out for a walk. She didn't feel so good so it was a circle walk 'stead of going to the store to see if He was there. I likes going to the store better. But circles is okay too.

After we gets home, I sleeps some more until He comes and then I bark and bark and throw my dish around the food-room so He feeds me.

After I eats, I sleeps some more until they eats. They had good foods today and I got bones. They laughs at me cuz I had to keep changing my bones so I could decide which one was the bestest bone.

I likes bones.

Now I got sleeps with my bones cuz I done chewing for now.


  1. Hello, Scrooge. It is so nice to see you. I am sending you an old sock with my scent on it so you can smell me and know me.

    It is wonderful to hear you had such good bones, and I do hope the humans keep them coming for you.

    Try not to worry about the thunder. Just think of it as angels playing drums.

    You have a good evening, Scrooge, and I will see you tomorrow.

    Your friend, Lynn.

  2. yay! I gots a comment from lynn!

    I am a lucky dog!

  3. or when there's thunder, pretend there's vampires playing baseball (gotta throw twilight references whenever possible...lol)

  4. I doesn't like vampires...and neither does Her. They is icky.

    Chinchillas is better.