Monday, April 27, 2009

Walker Hounds like to walk (duh!)

I took Her for a walk today.

Me meeted up with Auntie Val and her dustbunny Max.

Max is not my friend yet. I only meeted him twice and both times we had a spat and I got in trouble and he peed everywhere.

But we is getting along better now and when She wanted me to go another way and Max and Auntie Val was going another way too I whined and try to go with them cuz I wants Max to be my friend.

Max is a brown and white with a little bit of black do just like me but he is not a walker hound. He is some other kind of brown and white with a little bit of black dog. He says he is a dustbunny not a dog but he smells like a dog to me. Especially when he pees.

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  1. Hello Scrooge. This is a test to see if I am back in. Your friend, Lynna.