Sunday, April 26, 2009

I is a walker hound

Scrooge the walker hound blogger
I am a walker hound.

When someone asks what kind of dog I am, He says I am brown and white with a little bit of black.

She says I am a walker hound.

Us walker hounds have our own page on Wikipedia ... it sounds mostly like me except for the being active and liking to be outside thing.

People that visits us keep saying that I should be a good hunting dog and She always says "yep, he'd be a good deer chaser just as long as the deer don't mind coming in the house where it's warm. And as no one made any loud noises"

I likes it inside way better than I likes it outside. Unless someone comes with me outside then I doesn't mind so much. I likes taking Her for a walk. With the leash thing. I get SO excited when she gets the leash thing.

When they just opens the door and tells me to go out and do my thing I doesn't like that.

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