Sunday, April 26, 2009

I says

When there was thunders on and off all day I says they should not both goes out and leaves me here all alone.

I got mad and ran out with them when they tried to leave and I got in the van but He made me get out and go back in the house and stays here all by myself.

there wasn't any more thunders while they was out but there could have been and then I would have been all alone and I do not like thunders.

They said I could not go because dogs can't go to the hospital. I do not know what the hospital place is but I think that is a dumb rule. Scrooge should be allowed to go there if there is going to be thunders maybe. That is what I says.

Anyway, they camed home again now and He is in bed and She is going to go to bed. Her face looks funny. She gots a big lump.

The old girl didn't finds the lost dog yet but she tried and lots of people helped try. I hopes the dog will be safe and come home before there is any more thunders.

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