Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Girl

Scrooge, walker houndHer old girl is being a good helper todays. She doesn't lives with us but the old girl comes to stays here sometimes and when she does I sleeps with her and makes sure that she is warm and safe all nights. I like the old girl.

I like the young girl too but she doesn't come see me so much. She would rather go see her cousins even though they gots CATS! I like that girl too when she comes but she really should chooses better places to visit. Why she would choose to go visit CATS instead of coming to visit Scrooge? That is weird, huh?

Anyway, She is talking to the big girl and the big girl has been outside trying to help someone that lives near her find their dog. Their dog is supposed to be at home where it is safe and dry in case any more thunders come and it is not. It runned away. Silly dog.

I hopes the girl and the people finds the dog before the thunders come again.

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  1. no lost puppy yet....people are still out looking though