Monday, June 1, 2015

Aswell do getted all the funs!

I do not thinked it do be fair!

Aswell do getted all the attentions and all the funs today!!!

He do getted to wear MY diva coat. It do sayed Divas don't fetch.

She sayed he might could wear that coat because he do be shaking and that coat do helped he to stop shaking some.

And then he do getted to sit on She's lap! While She do typed and typed!!!

We do not be 'lowed to sit on She's lap when She do be typing!!! But She do letted he!!!

And Aswell do getted to go for a car ride and do you know what?!

She do taked Aswell and She do leaved me here at home.

All by mine own self!!!!!  

I do not thinked that do be okay one bit!!!!

I do had to be here with only mine baby fluffies.

No He!

No She!

And no Aswell!!!!

I do not liked to be all by mine own self!!!!

And then do you know what happened just now?!

Aswell do getted attentions from He AND She and I do not!!!

He do holded Aswell and rubbed He's belly and She do gived he a pill and She do putted some stuffs in Aswell's ear and then He do getted more rubs and pets and belly rubs!!

I do not thinked Aswell should getted all the attentions, do you?!

No fair!!!!

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  1. Feel Better Aswell!
    Kali, you are a jealous George of a dog! :)