Saturday, May 30, 2015

We BIG babydogs!

Today we do had exciting visitors!!  Do you remembered we babydogs?

Two of we babydogs do comed to visit we!!

They do had to comed for a long car ride to comed to visit we but they do comed even though it do be a too long way!

We babydogs do bringed they peoples too.

When they do getted here I do beed on we dock watching He putted we little fishes in we little fish pail.

And Aswell too!

And when we do comed back up to we house there they be!!!

We babydogs!

Hudson do be the more biggest and blackest babydog.

Lenny do be more skinnier and more browner babydog.

Those babydogs do not be little!

They do be more bigger than Aswell.

And they do be more taller than me but I still do be the biggest cuz I do weighed more. She sayed.

I do liked to weighed more so it do be more easy to be the boss of all those boy dogs!

I do had to be the boss!

And I do getted a little big bossy when they do wanted to play fight.

Or real fight.

Or getted too close to my fluffies.

Or getted too much pets and attentions.

I do liked to see we babydogs!!

And they peoples do petted we very good! We do getted a lots of pets! Because we do be such good dogs. And cute. And spoiled.

We do had fun to see we babydogs!

But oh my they do maked me tired. After those babydogs and they peoples leaved I do sleeped and sleeped and sleeped. And Aswell too!

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  1. The little ones require a lot of extra energy and attention. A good sleep afterwards is always a good thing.