Monday, September 15, 2014

Turkey foods!!!!!

I do getted a little bit worried cuz She do letted we to run out of we foods again! 

Most times when we do runned out of we foods, She do maked we more right away!! 

But this time She do not maked we more right away!

She do goed to we store and She do buyed some dog foods!! In a bag!! And in a can!!! 

And She do gived we some to eat but we do not liked to eat that stuff!! 

I do not thinked that do be good foods at all!!!! 

Or Aswell too!! 

Today we do had to eated a little bit but we do not liked to and we do maked sure She do knowed we do be a little mad at She cuz we do beed getting hungry! 

But now we do had turkey foods in we oven for we turkeys!! 

So we do not had to eated no more not-foods, we can just waited and waited for we foods to getted cooked!!  

I do thinked we foods will be all cookered quite soon! 

I do hoped so!! 

And Aswell too!