Friday, September 19, 2014


We do had a busy week.

We do getted to go for car rides!!

We do getted to getted we furs cutted!!

And then we do getted to go for nother car rides and we do had to go to we vet-man's and getted fixed!!!

I do not liked to getted fixed cuz I did not beed broked!

But now I is fixed any ways.

And Aswell too!!!

So I do had to wear this stOOpid cone and I do not liked that so much.

It do bugged Aswell quite a lot more than it do bugged me though.

He do beed very nervous and shaked all the times!!

He do beed a nervous wreck!

He's cone do had to be quite bigger cuz he do tried very hard to lick he's owies. And mine too!!

And he do getted mad when they do putted that cone on he so he pulled he's needle out of he's leg too.

He do beed a brat, huh?

I do not beed a brat. I do always beed a good girl even when I do not liked to had a cone.  

I do hoped we could had we cones off soon though.

And Aswell do too!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh the cone of shame. I do not liked the Cone of Shame. But when mine seester did getted spayed, Mine Fran and that Robbie Guy did getted her a onesie. You should tried a onesie. But your He and She do needed to 'member to unsnap it when you do needs to go out to poop and pee! teehee mine Fran did forgetted to do that 'couple times.. Then she did had to put the Cone of Shame on Katy Bear. And all she did was shake and drooled and standed still the whole times 'till her onsie was cleaned again! She do be a silly girl.

  2. A onesie isn't a bad idea for Aswell anyway...he doesn't mind wearing clothes so it might work

  3. When I was a just-growed up girl dog, I got the spaded. So I don't have any babydogs. But I am happy u did. :)