Saturday, August 16, 2014

I stinked

I do not be having a good morning!!

But it do not beed mine fault!!!

I do not knowed that He setted He's trap in we yard beside we car-house!

I do not knowed that He's trap might could had a stinky in!

I do not knowed that He's stinky might could spray ME!!!

And that bad stinky do sprayed me!!

So now I do had to had a rubdown with He's unstinky stuff and a bath and another rubdown and more baths!

And NOW She do sayed She might could give me a shave when I do getted dry so I will had to stand on we outside table and be good and letted She to cut mine furs.

I do hoped that sometime I might could smell not so stinky again!

I do not liked to be stinky.

And I do not liked to had so much baths, either!!

That stinky do be very ROOD to spray me; don't you thinked so?!


  1. Oh I hopes I never do sees a stinky! That do not sound like funs. Too many baffs ... that do not be good. And I do not likes SPA days neither.

  2. She do not beed a good fur cutter and I do be quite mad at She!! I do thinked She do stinked!

  3. I am sorry. I hope u smell good soon.