Monday, June 23, 2014


Look! Look! Do you see we?! 

I do getted to go in the boat with She! And He! And We Ruth!!!

But 'cept We Ruth do not had a kayak!!  Well cept all the kayaks do be We Ruth's but We Ruth do letted He and She to used they.

We Ruth do had a paddleboard and I do getted on that board with she and I do falled off!!! 

And then I do getted a LOT wet!!

I do has to swim and swim till someone do helped to pick me up and putted me back on We Ruth's paddleboard or in a kayak with He or a kayak with She!!

And I do LIKED to swim in we lake very much so I do falled off quite a lot!!!  

Kali do not liked to swim in we lake so she mostly do stayed where she do getted putted.

But I do getted to go on We Ruth's paddleboard for a long time and I do not be so silly to fall off like Aswell do.

I do standed still and letted We Ruth paddle with me.

And I do getted to go for a ride with He in He's kayak and with She in She's kayak too.

But I do not jumped around and getted in we lake at all!

I do thinked Aswell do be a little bit reckless to try to standed on the front of those kayaks!  He do not had so good balance for that!

He do mostly keeped falling in we lake!

I do not liked to fall in we lake!  I do mostly had funs except when I do getted a little bit whiney to go back to we dock when I do had enough funs.

She do sayed I do be more braver than She thinked.

I do be a good amount of brave, I thinked! Aswell do be TOO brave!!

I do had very much fun!! Only I do getted a little bit stubborn when He and She do sayed to come in and I do standed on we dock and do not moved for a long time but then He might could get madded so I do had to come in we house!

I do hoped I will getted to go falled in we lake some more again!


  1. I bet kayaks at the lake are fun! :)

  2. Oh cool. Do you have a doggie PFD?

  3. I does not had one but She do thinked She might could had more fun and less worry if She do getted me one!