Sunday, May 25, 2014

OH NO!!!!

I do be a little bit mad!!

And a little bit upsetted!!

And a little bit sad!!

He and She do gived we Aswell to we Jessa!!!

Jessa do comed to sleeped at we house and she do leaved in the morning in she's new car and that all do be fine but she do taked we Aswell in she's new car!!!

Aswell do be quite excited to go for a ride in Jessa's new car but I do not getted to had a ride in Jessa's new car and do you knowed what else?

She gived we Jessa all we foods!!! For Aswell!!!!

And now there do not be any more foods for me in we fridge!!!!

Oh NO!!!! Now I do be a LOT upsetted!!!

I will needed we Aswell to beated on and I do needed mine foods too!!!

This do be terrible!!!! Do you not thinked so?! I do thinked so!!