Sunday, May 25, 2014

Not SO bad

I might could like Aswell to be away after all!

Finn from next door do comed to eated mine food and she do getted in troubles from she's She!! Finn do not be supposed to come in we house but she do liked we food and we too so she do liked to getted away and come to visit we and steal we foods!

And then a nother dog do comed to visit we house too and that dog do stealed a piece of we foods too!!

So I do getted a little big mad and worried that even with Aswell goned away I might could run out of foods so I do taked my foods outside away from that dog and I do maked a big pile with all mine food and I do growled at that strange girl dog just a little bit so she do knowed I do not wanted to shared any more!!

But then She do maked me a whole lot of chicken foods and I do not has to share the chicken crunchies!!!

And those nother dogs all do goed away so I do had lots of good foods for ME!!!

And do you knowed what else?

I do getted to go on we dock and we boat with He and She and She do catched a big fish!!

I do be a very good dog to go out on we dock with He and She because I do listened to He and She and I do not runned away and I do not be a aswellhole and be too hyper and run away to visit Finn and to go in we lake and to just be too hyper to go out on we dock with He and She.

Aswell do not be good when he do getted to go on we dock with He and She so when he do be home we do had to stay in we house but since he do be goned He sayed I can go fishing with He and She!!!

I do used to be afraid of we dock but I did not be afraided today!  I do liked to go fishing with He and She!

And I do liked to eated we chicken crunchies and we chicken foods all by my self!  

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