Saturday, February 8, 2014


I do had good news!!!

I do getted a little bit worried that She do not wanted to maked we foods any more!!

We do runned out of we foods!!

And we do had to eated dog foods from a bag that camed from a store!

We do not liked that food too good!!

And we do had to eated lots of it to get filled up too!!!

But She do beed sick and She do had to worked so She do not maked we food for two whole days!

But guess what?! Today She do maked we food!!!

I do be SO happy to had good foods again!!

And Aswell too!!

And Gibbs too!!

And do you knowed what else? Some peoples do wanted to give we babydogs forever homes already.

They will not taked we babydogs till they is ready though, a'course! I do had lots of things to teach they first! And Aswell too.

If I do ever letted he to play with they!


  1. Your babydogs do be so cute! I do has to smelled mine Fran all the times when she do comes home from visiting your babydogs. I would liked to play with your babydogs when they do be ready. Maybe mine Fran and your She will letted me.

  2. Kali, They are so adorable!!!! Just like you when you's was a baby dog!!

  3. Me loves u and the babydogs and your whole family. :)

  4. We like baby dogs. Actually we like pretty much like all dogs