Saturday, February 22, 2014

Babydogs update

Today Francyne do comed to we house to take some more pictures of we babydogs.
She do takes very good pictures of we babydogs, huh?!
And she do taked lots of pictures of we friend Paddington too.
Even when we babydogs do not wanted to sit still to had they picture tooked, Francyne can taked good pictures!!! 
And mostly they do not wanted to sitted still today at all.
Cept this one did cooperated real good!
But the nother babydogs do liked to runned away more better.
They sure do liked to run and jump and eat and pee and poop a LOT now!!
They do be quite funny to watch.
And then they do all pile up in they pile and goed to sleep.
Good thing cuz they do maked we all tired!