Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Silly She!!!!

Do you knowed what happened at we house?! 

We do runned out of we foods!!!! 

Oh NO!!!! 

She do gived we some nother foods from the store but I do not knowed who She do thinked might could eat that! 

We do not LIKED foods from the store! 

So while She do beed at work today, we do picked all that bad food out of we bowl and putted they beside we bowl so we can get to the last little bits of we good foods in we bowl. 

And when She do getted home I do tell She and telled She to hurry up and maked we new food!! 

So She do had to maked we new foods even though She do thinked She be too tired to maked we new foods today and She do needed to do some nother stuffs too but we do thinked we foods do be THE most portant thing!!! 

So I do bugged She and now She do maked we food and it do be in we oven and soon we will has we new good food!  

Silly She to thinked we might could eat that nother stuff...and to think that we might could wait for She to get round to making we foods! 


  1. I hope u got some very tasty noms. :)

  2. It do be a very worrysome event! Oh no! No foods? I do hopes you did not get weak with hungers!