Thursday, December 26, 2013

Do you knows me?

... or mine peoples?!

I do had a big adventure today!

I runned away and I go running in the street!  In Whitby!

And a snow pusher almost hit me!

And it almost hitted a car trying not to hit me!

And then the lady almost hitted me too!

And I was all confused and upsetted and there was so much cars and I did not knowed where to run no more and so many cars was almost going to hit me!

So the lady opened the car door and tells me to get in and I did and then the man petted me and I calms down but he do has to go to work so he do getted out and the lady do tries to find mine peoples but she do not.

My peoples is LOSTED!!!!

I will like you to helped me to find mine family, please!!!

Do you knowed someone in Whitby who might have losed me?

I was found on Tauton Road near Gerrard St. in Whitby today (26-Dec) just before 11 am. I did not had a collar when the lady finded me but  she do buyed me one. And she leaved me at a safe place in Oshawa till I can get finded. But they cats do not like me too much though! I will like to go home.

If you know me or mine peoples could you please email the lady at ?

If you don't, maybe you could repost/retweet this link so help me to find mine peoples?

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