Sunday, July 7, 2013

We pen

Do you see we flower?

She do usually only growed tomatoes and peppers and rhubarbs but this year She do thinked She might could try to growed some flowers.

She do digged beside we pen and then She do putted some more dirts there too and then She do planted some morning glories.

We do not getted too much sun beside we pen cuz we do had big trees in we yard but we do getted some so maybe those morning glories might could grow.

And they did!!

So far we do only had one flower but we do had more buds and lots more plants that are starting to climb up the side of we pen too.

We might could had the prettiest dog pen in Victoria Harbour, huh?

If those more morning glories do get growing soon!


  1. That is a very pretty flower. :)

  2. I do liked mine Fran's flowers. I do liked them so much I do has to walk through them and lie down on top of them! Mine Fran do not liked that too much.

  3. What a beautiful color that flower is!