Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unreasonable She!!

She do be just SO unreasonable sometimes!

She do getted at mad at we and She do YELLED at we and She do hurted mine feelings!!

I do not meaned to squished She's cucumber plant and She pepper plants and She's tomato plants!

I should not getted in trouble when it do not be my fault!!

I do had to getted rid of we chipmunk from unner we deck!!!

That do beed my job!!

So it do be unreasonable to getted mad if She do had plants in the way of my job!

Do you not thinked so?! I do thinked so!!

She might should had petted me and telled me I do a good job of keeping those chipmunks out of we yard!

She do not be supposed to yelled at we!


  1. It is good to keep the chipmunks away. I sorry u got yelled at.

  2. I too getted yelled at when I jumps the fence to get into mine Robbie Guy's potato plants and mine Fran's squash plants and green beans plants. But there do be some yummy smelling cow poop in there that I just has to has!