Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Today we do had to do lots of barking!!

So many peoples do come to we house!!

One man that do lived in we nother house do comed to taked He's lawn cutter and I do knowed that man but I do liked to barked and barked at he all the time any way cuz I just do liked to barked at he.

Another man do comed to give we monies cuz He do killed some of he's carpenter bugs for he!!!!

I do only barked at he a little bit. She sayed peoples who bringed we monies do be good peoples to come at we house.

And a lady do comed to we house too, to bringed She She's passport! I do not knowed what a passport is but She sayed I do not needed to had one only She do cuz I do not getted to go to Boston with She and Ant Andrea and We Grandma!!

I do not thinked that might could be so fair so I do barked at She and at the passport lady too!!

I do thinked I will like ---- oh no!! Some mans in a boat do be fishing at we dock!! Gotta go bark some more!!

Oh no!! They do catched one of He's fishes from right unner Gibb's boat!! That is a bad stealer man!!!

I must barked very much!!!! Bye!

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