Friday, July 5, 2013

She do goed too far!

I do not thinked She do beed very nice at me tonight!!

I do unnerstanded that if I had a dirty bum I do had to getted my bum washed cuz She and He do not 'llowed no dirty bums in we house.

But I do not thinked She do had to gived me a all over bath!!

I do not liked to had no baths!!

She might could just wash my bum and letted me go, don't you thinked so?

Now I had to had a bath and Aswell do not and that do not be any fair!!

And now He will not letted me to sit on He neither cuz He do sayed I need to getted more dry first!

But Aswell do be on He's lap.

NO fair!!


  1. A clean bum is a happy bum. You'll dry off in a jiffy.

  2. Maybe I could talked to your She. when I do digged and digged and digged in mine own yards, I do had very dirty paws, and mine white socks do be black. So I do goed in the shower all by mine own selfs, 'cause they just putted me there anyways. But you know what? Mine human beans do only wash mine paws! Not mine whole self! So maybe I could talk to your She.

  3. Bath time makes me feel icky. When it is over, though, it is good to be dry.