Thursday, September 13, 2012

She did it!!!

Do you SEE what She do today?!

She do ripped we walk apart!

He was gone to getted tools but She just pulled on we wood and we wood came up!

Do you knowed WHY She needed to ripped we walk apart?

Cuz Kali do be BAD!

Kali do taked one of we babydogs and putted that babydog in she nest she maked!! I

f you do looked carefully you might could see we babydog.

That babydog do maked lots of noise so He and She can finded he!

Good thing, huh?!

She and He do not knowed how much digging Kali do been doing unner we walk.

But now She do taked a picture.
Kali do digged a long way! Unner we walkway!! And she do maked a good nest. But She and He do not wanted Kali and we babydogs to be outside in we dirt. Or me too!


  1. i'm glad She was able to get baby puppy out...all the digging is a little funny (though not when she is trying to move the babies there)

  2. I think Kali was just trying to be a good mommeh!

  3. Oh boy, I sad. I crying with my face. I glad someone found teh poor little bebekins.

  4. Oh Kali. I do remembered being a wee baby and it were nice when I were clean and warm so I liked that mine mum did keeped me in our pen! You should keep your babies in your pen. They do be safer there.

  5. Hi, holy smokes you sure can miss alot when you are not around to read all the blog posts. It's so cool to see baby puppies. My dad always wants to get more. Mom says no, we have 4 now. We hope that you'll keep all of them.