Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Puppies eat a lot

Can you see we babydogs do growed already?!

They DO growed bigger fast!

Do you knowed why?

I thinked it do be cuz all they do do be to eat and sleep.

They do not liked to play with me yet!

But I do getted to go fishing in we boat with She and He and Kali do had to stayed home to take care of those puppies!

So HA! That will teached she to not letted me help she take care of we puppies, huh?


  1. that is too bad you can't do much to help with the puppies or play with them yet, but give it some time...soon they will be able to play and they'll do more than just sleep and eat

  2. Mine Cathy Human Bean at mine first home where I were born do say that we babies getted very sharp needle toofy pegs and you might want to watch out Aswell for when your babies get them! But babby puppies do be fun.