Monday, August 13, 2012


I do not knowed that the dogs and wolves I do heared all around we house do be coming from He's dumb box!!

I do barked at they - but quietly so that I do not maked we birdhouse mad at me.

At first He and She do laughed at me but then they do started to getted mad because I do not shutted up good!


And do you knowed what else?

Diane seed a bear!! A big bear!! Here in we town!!

I do not be skerred of bears because I do not never seed a bear! 'Cept Paddington Bear but he do not be too skerry! He do be a little bit cute.

But maybe if I do seed a bear then I might decided to be skerred.

But probably I will just barked and barked. But quietly so that I do maked we birdhouse make that bad noise.

Aswell do not cared about we birdhouse. When it do maked that bad noise, Aswell do barked right at it! But I do not liked it one bit and I might had to beated Aswell up to maked he stop barking at we birdhouse!


  1. Wow, u are cute doggies. I send love to u & ur hoomins. :). (((love)))

  2. A bear??? Like me??? I do be a cute bear, and not a skerry bear, mine human bean Fran do says so. And she also do say that it do helped that I be cute for when I do some'in I not suppose to be doing. I hope I do not meet a skerry bear. I do not liked to be skerred.