Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can you see Jessa's new baby? It do be a new baby hamster! I do not getted to play with that hamster though cuz Jessa do lived too far away and She sayed NO Jessa do not needed to bringed she's hamster with she to visit we.

She do be mean sometimes, huh?

She do be a little bit mean last night too. She do maked we some new chicken food but She do not filled we bowl with we new chicken food!

She do gived we the old liver food we do not liked no more cuz there do be new chicken food!

She do gived we a little bit to taste but then She do putted liver foods in we bowl and the chicken food in the frigeratorbox!!


But today we do had chicken foods though! And it do be very yummy too!


  1. Fud is good. :) I wag my tail for u. :).

  2. We like our food but we have not had chicken before. But we've had buffalo liver and it's really yummy. But not too much or we get an upset tummy.

  3. Mine human beans do had me on some new foods from the veterary 'cause I do be having troubles with mine tummy and poopies. I do had to take a pill before each foods to. I do not like that so much. But I do likes my new foods better! I hope you always gets the foods you like.