Friday, July 27, 2012

Bath time

Sometimes He and She do decided we do needed baths and He and She do gived we baths and cutted we furs.

Then we do both had baths and that do be a little bit fun and 'citing!

But sometimes She do just surprised ME with a bath and Aswell do not had to had one and I do not knowed why!

But TODAY I do had to had a bath and Aswell do not but I thinked I might could have figured out why!

He and She do not liked for me to clean my bum on they floor! Or on they new bed, neither!

Who knew?!

Oh, and do you know that if you do be on Facebook you can go vote for Daisy & Harley to win monies for Harley's shelter? I do think you will like to do that! You will find Daisy's blog unner the Funniest Blogs category.

Maybe by next year somebodies might like to vote for WE too!


  1. Hi, are your peeps "expressing your anal glands"? Because I think that's why you're dragging your butt sometimes. The v-e-t can do it but that costs $$$ so your peeps can do it but my peeps wear gloves.

  2. U are brave. Baff is very scerry.

  3. I do not like baffs either. They are so very skerry. I do try to tell my human beans but they do not listen too good! Paddington

  4. He and She say wiping we poopy bums is guite enough to ask so they do letted we vet do we anal glands. Or the groomer but She do not liked we groomer too much so She and He do groomed we so now just we vet do do that.

    Anyways, my I was only dragging my bum cuz I did had poops on it but now I do be all clean so I do not had to drag my bum.