Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby dog!

Do you see that Paddington dog? That Paddington dog do be coming to we house sometimes and he do be a little bit cute!

He do growed quite fast though!! He do be bigger than Aswell already and he do be about the same size as me but he do be only 3 months old!!

I do thinked he might could get bigger than me! But Finn do getted bigger than me too and she do knowed I still do be boss.

Paddington do comed to visit we and he do thinked he might could be the boss of me a little bit but I do learned he not to so I do not had to beated he up the way I do had to beated Aswell up sometimes.

Maybe Paddington do be a little bit smarter than Aswell because he do knowed not to pushed me too far and sometimes Aswell DO pushed me too far.


  1. I heared nother human beans tell mine human beans that I still a baby. But I do learned quick though. I so happy that you did not have to beated me up, I would have been skerred. I did get skerred from some nother bigger dogs that did tried to tell me they were not playin' and so I listened good this time. Mine human beans don't listen gooder though. I did tried to tell them many many MANY times that I do not like to have some baffs. But they 'gnored me every times. Maybe you might could tell them for me. Paddington

  2. Uh... Paddington? You do knowed that you is a Portugese WATER dog, right?

    I do thinked you do be sposed to like water! And baths is water!

  3. The Paddington dog will learn its place. You will always be the boss in your house.

  4. Paddington is very cute. But you are still the boss!