Monday, June 4, 2012


Today Kali and me do not be WE!

Today Tamara do taked Kali away and I do stayed with He and She!

And I did barked and barked some at first cuz I do thinked She forgetted to bring Kali on we dock with She and me but She did not forgetted because Kali do be walking with Tamara and I do getted to go be on we dock with She and He!

And I do be a very very good boy too and I do getted some many belly rubs and I do liked to drink we lake but only on the side of the dock where that funny looking puppy do not looked back at me cuz when that funny looking dog do looked at me trying to drink we lake I jumps and skitters back because I do be a little worried about that funny looking dog!

And after I splores lots and settles down some, He do tied my leash to a rope and I do getted to be sploring with no He and no She holding on my leash and that do worked good cept for when I getted all tangled in we chairs. And then He or She did untangled me and I getted to go had more fun!

I do liked to go on we dock and I do be a good dock dog too!

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