Friday, June 1, 2012


I do be VERY MAD!!

Aswell do not had to had a bath but I do had to had a bath!

I do not LIKE to had a bath!

I likes mine dirts!

And I might could be just a little bit skerred to be in the bathtub too.

Tamara did putted me in we tub and she did washed me THREE times because I might could had too much dirts!!

But those was MY dirts and I did not wanted to had a bath!!

And Aswell do not had to had no bath!!

That do not be fair! 


  1. So what did you do that required so very much washing?

  2. It do not beed my fault, We Grandma! I do liked to roll in the gravel sometimes though but mostly it just be because She do thinked I do needed my furs cut and the structions for the fur cutters sayed to only use they on clean puppies. Aswell getted he's furs cut the nother time but mine did growed lots.

    She did cutted some of mine furs already but then She's back hurted so She quitted for today. But I do looked quite pretty anyway just She needed to do mine butt and mine paws some more.

    1. I think you always look quite pretty anytime! But hair does grow and it does need cutting. With all that nice gravel and dirt and sand and water and all -- that is sure some nice things to roll in. Guess if you have that kind of fun you need to get happier about the baths.