Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oh Aswell!

Do you know what?

She could not finded She's plastics!

So She could not buyed no gas or doggie foods or treats!!

Because She has to has She's plastics to pay or to get She's monies out of She's bank to pay for stuff!

She looked all over we house for She's plastics. She looked all over we car too.

He looked all over we house for She's plastics. He looked all over we car too.

But He or She could not finded they anywhere!

So then She had to maked phone calls and tell they She losted She's plastics and that was a pain in the butt and She did not had any plastics till the new ones comed in the mail and She was not so happy.

But guess what?! He finded the plastics!! They were in She's pants pocket just like She thinked they was. But those pants getted stealed!

Aswell stealed She's pants to use in he's crate cuz he do liked to had She's clothes in he's crate.

Silly Aswell! He do had a blanket in he's crate but he did wanted She's pants too! And he getted She's plastics too!

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  1. "Oh Aswell" is right!!! I hope the new plastics arrive soon!