Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baths with HE!!

Guess what?!

Today He gived we we baths!

I is already done and I liked to run around the house and shake my furs all off. She sayed I can not goed outside though cuz I do be wet and if I goed outside with my furs all wet I will like to freeze!

Aswell is not done he's bath cuz I getted to go first and then when He tried to catch Aswell to take he for he's bath he runned away from He.

But he runned to She and that was not too smart cuz She just gived he to He. Silly Aswell! Baths do be fun!


  1. If you runned outside after your bath you would make mud. Fun!

  2. oh no! We can not maked mud now!! We had to waited for all the snow and ice to goed away again. The muds is all hiding under the snows!