Monday, November 21, 2011


Today He is doing stuffs with the tires on the van and Kali and me is helping!!

We goes right in the garage to watch what He do and we maked sure He knowed if any peoples or dogs walked by we house on we road so He do not getted surprised while He is working!!!

We do be GOOD helpers, huh?


  1. I wish I could go into the garage. I never get to do anything fun!

  2. I thinked you getted to do lots of fun things! I never getted to watched no lizards or bert & ernies!

    Tonight we is grumpy cuz we wanted to go outside but we can only go in we pen cuz She worried that we might get eated by coyotes! Silly She - she should knowed I would barked too much and skerred the coyotes away just liked I do with the squirrels and mouses and birds and turtles and chippies.