Sunday, November 20, 2011


Look at we!!!

'cept we do not be TOO good at modelling yet. But we do be learning. Or She and He do be learning - where to putted the treats so we can getted we pictures taked good.

We do getted some pictures of we faces but this shot was to letted you see what we shirt sayed! Can you read it?

Mine sayed Santa's Little Helper and Aswell's sayed Dear Santa, I can explain.

He and She do not agreed about which of we should wear which shirt. He sayed I should had the explain shirt cuz I is the bad dog that pees and poops in we house but She sayed Aswell should had it cuz he getted into EVERYTHING and on the table and he eated that mouse and sicked in we house and that is just as bad! I thinked She is right. And I do be a good helper!

And I did not taked Aswell's clothes off he the way I used to do last time She tried to put coats on we. I letted he wear he's shirt!!

Do we not look very stylish? I thinked we do be very stylish!!!

But it do be just a little early for Christmas yet though.


  1. You two DO look very stylish! You are learning to model real good. This means you will probably get extra presents for Christmas!

  2. It is never too early to start being good for Santa.
    And I think you look very, very stylish.
    What I would like to know is who liked you so much to buy such nice coats.

  3. She getted to go shopping without He! That is what happens when She goed shopping without He!! She can buy good stuffs that He would say no too!

    Now we had 2 clothes each!!