Friday, October 14, 2011


I is a little bit worrying about She!!

She is maybe forgettering too much stuffs!!

Do you knowed why?!

She gived me a bath today!

And then She gived me a NOTHER bath!!

I do not knowed how She could forgetted I had mine bath already!

I was not even all dried yet!

Kali did not had two baths but only me!


  1. well she is getting old...and old people forget things so maybe that's why....


    you were just so dirty that you needed a 2nd bath...or after the first bath, you ran outside and got dirty again...

    my guess is a little from column A and a little from column B

  2. the first time used a flea shampoo - but then when we were trying to get brush/clippers through his fur, realized that he REALLY needed a second scrub with the other shampoo (that includes a detangler)

  3. Sorry you had 2 baths, Aswell! But I'll bet you are double-clean now!