Sunday, October 9, 2011

Do you know what that do be in that picture? That do be a TURTLE!

And that is not a nice kind of turtle neither! That do be a snapping turtle!

Do you knowed why they do called they snapping turtles?!

They snaps! And that can do HURT!!

I do not liked things to come in we yard!!

I barked and barked at things what try to come in we yard!!

Today a turtle did not comed in we yard but it was close to we yard so I barked and barked at he to telled he to GO AWAY!!! And Aswell too!

But that turtle did not listened good to we!!

So I getted closer to that turtle and it SNAPPED ME!!!


I jumped so HIGH!! And I cried too!!

And I jumped back and runned and that turtle was holding on me!!!!

I did not liked that turtle!!

She comed to saved me but that turtle letted go and I getted to go up to had a poor baby cuddle with She.

So then that turtle what was just close to my yard was IN MY YARD!!!!

Cuz it holded onto me to come flying in we yard!! That was a BAD BAD TURTLE!!!

But that turtle did goed away now!

Good thing, huh? I will not getted too close to any more turtles!!


  1. awwww poor kali :( both you and jessa have had a bad day huh?

  2. Hard way to learn, isn't it! I hope you got lots of cuddles.

  3. What a mean old turtle! I'm sorry he snapped at you, Kali. You deserve lots of cuddles for that.