Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No cat!

Silly He!!

We was finding new peoples to live in we nother house and She finded some peoples that wanted to live in we's nother house.

But one of those peoples had a cat and one of those peoples did not had a cat.

So even though the no-cat peoples did not had enough monies and the cat peoples did, He sayed no!! He would rather have peoples with no monies than peoples with a cat!!

He is so silly!! We would have liked to have a cat live in we house! We could be friends with that cat!! Well, I could be friends with that cat. Maybe Kali would liked to bark at that cat too much!!

She do not liked friends so much like me.


  1. I think it would be cool to have a cat move in! Tell He that once he gets to know a cat, he will love them!

  2. I thinked so too ...but He sayed that the problem is not with the cats but with the peoples that do not liked to clean the kitty potty good.

    He and She did had one people with a cat and that was not SO bad - but when that cat man moved away He finded that the closet in that man's bedroom was filled with bags of dirty kitty potty!!!

    That do be before Aswell and me lived with He and She.