Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bad Toad!!!

I keeped telling we toad to get OFF we yard!!

But that toad do not listened so good!!

It do jumped and goed a little bit when we goes in the house to getted treats but every time I finded he and telled it to getted gone, he stopped jumping and will not moved!!!

That toad do not belonged in we yard!!!!


  1. OH! I hope that is not a Bufo (cane) toad! Those can be poisons!

  2. your mom catched a toad, and she got very very sick, and had a seizure, so stay away from toads.

  3. You do not has to worry ... He & She do not letted me catched that toad. He putted that toad outside we pen and She putted we INside we pen.

    So I can just barked and barked but I can not eated no toad.

    I do not like to eat the things what come in we yard anyway!! I only barked to make they go away! Birds is good at going away fast but turtles and toads do not listened so good!