Sunday, August 14, 2011

we weekend!!!!!!

Oh mine goodness!! You would not BELIEVED the weekend we did had here!!!

SO much excitements!!

And treats!!!

Tamara camed to visit we!!

Jessa camed to visit we!!

Andrea camed to visit we!!

Mandy camed to visit we!!

Tell they about the HOUSE, Kali!! Tell they about the big house!

Shhhhhhhhhhhh!! Aswell!! You is messed up mine story!!

Andrea and Mandy and Jessa and Tamara bringed a big house!!

They putted it in the front yard!!

It was skerry!!

Aswell!!! You should shutted up!!! I do be telling we story!

But yes, it do beed skerry at first! We did not knowed what that was! And we did not knowed Mandy might could be in that house and maked noise! And she did go in and she did maked noise and she sticked she head out to come out of that house and OH MY GOODNESS we did get skerred!!!!

We barked and barked and barked!!!

And we did thinked we did not liked that big house in we yard!

Even after Mandy camed out of she house, we barked and barked and barked!!!

Just in case there be someone else in there to skerred us!!!

Yes! So She got tired of listening to we barked at the big house and She getted we some chickens and She went in that house and She tried to getted we to go in and get chickens!!!!

But we did not wanted to cuz we already thinked we was too skerred of that big house!!

But I do liked those chickens!!!

Aswell wanted the chickens so much that he did tried to go in that house all by his own self. He goed in and out and in and out and in out very fast but he did not getted the chickens too good cuz he would not go in far enough!!

Every body laughed at he cuz he was too funny!! She should had taked the camera but She did not knowed Aswell would be so silly so She did not had the camera.

And Kali would not even TRIED to go in that house all by she own self! Jessa had to carried she!!

But then we did getted in the house and we had lots of chickens and pets and we thinked that big house do not beed too skerry any more cuz places what gots chickens can not be TOO skerry, right!?


So THEN we decided we did LIKED the big house and we played in that big house every time we can but we do not getted treats for going in all by we self but it were funner anyway!!

And they zippered all the doors up so we could not goed in by we own selves but Kali figgered out how to open they doors all by she own self so then we can go in and play when we wanted!

So we played with that house all weekend and it were so FUN!!!!!

It WERE fun!! Sometimes Kali getted in and I stayed out and we can bark and play cuz the walls do be soft and we can hitted we through those walls!!

We do liked that big house!!

And do you know what else was good!?

We hadded LOTS of good foods!! Cuz everybody liked to give we treats!!

Well, 'cept Andrea do not liked to give we treats and she do not liked to had face time with we neither but we did had lots of good yummy treats with so many peoples to share with we!!!

And when He and She goed fishing and He catched SO MANY FISHES!!!! and She did catched fishes too!! And Jessa and Tamara and Mandy maybe catched fishes too but they did not bringed they home to show we but the best part was that Andrea stayed home with we!!

And then when they all goed out in the boat to play in the water, Andrea goed too but She stayed home with we!!

Cuz someone had to stayed home all the time cuz we hadded a fire and Tamara and Mandy and Jessa cooked marshmallows!!! And hot dogs!!!

We do LOVES we hot dogs!!!!

And everyone sleeps at we house too!!! And we was good puppies and we do not eated any glasses or purses!!

Only you did stealed Tamara's flip flops and she's hat and she's nother clothes too, Aswell!!

Well yes, but I did not wrecked any!! So I do still be a GOOD puppy!!

And then today, Hunter & Colton and they mom comed for dinner and fires and hotdogs and marshmallows and cakes and ice creams and OH MY GOODNESS there was so much good foods and we getted to had some little bits but we could just not had the chocolate or the grapes but we did had lots!!

We do liked to had companies!!!

But now they did all goed home except Tamara stayed and she is out in the garage making bat houses with He and we is TIRED!!!

We do had some pictures and even a video of Aswell doing he's treat dance but She will save they for to post tomorrow!

We decided that we Grandma should comed too though! Next time!!!


  1. Wow, it does sound like company means Good Times!

  2. So glad the puppies had such a good time! Guess the house in the front yard would be a bit scarry at first.
    Sorry I couldn't come but worked out better that I didn't as spent most of the weekend in bed - alone and sick feeling.
    Know some fishies were caught so hope everyone enjoyd themselves.

  3. For He and She -- had a great supper tonight with lots of raw fishies at a Korean - Japanese restaurant.